The ‘Uhrenholt Young Chefs’ initiative culminates in a fundraising dinner, creating the opportunity for talented chefs to gain a unique insight into 5-star food service environments. 

Young student chefs are coached by mentors, with each mentor-chef overseeing between 6 and 9 students.

The concept for this project was developed by the Emborg Professional Team as a collaborative fundraising effort undertaken in conjunction with selected Asian Chefs Associations. Awareness of the event is created through handpicked media attendance and a focus on the combination of top facilities and top chefs in professional surroundings. Furthermore, products and ingredients are carefully selected and highlighted, adding to the quality of the event.



We decided to fundraise and collaborate with National Chefs Associations, to support their “young chefs” projects.

With a focus on inspiration, passion, and the value of experience and creating winners, we started our culinary event.

We know that we are strongest when we work together. Therefore the “Young Chefs“ is based on two values: Teamwork and Mentorship.



First we pair young student chefs from a broad range of invited culinary schools with senior and experienced chefs, who believe that sharing and spreading knowledge is a trademark of successful executive chefs.

Then we expose the student chefs to the unfiltered experience of the executive chef. The chefs focus squarely on these students to successfully complete the Young Chefs event. 

We also expose the executive chefs to the pure passion of learning about food, which happens to remind the chefs of themselves when they started out in the industry.


The project’s goal is to create a formal 5-star Gala Dinner with the Young Chefs successfully working in teams. 

Each team is in charge of their own dish, from the preparation stage to final presentation.

The young chefs learn the importance of close collaboration and that structured teamwork creates quality – and that even massive culinary challenges can be met when working as a ‘team of teams’.


The executive mentor chefs coach individual young chefs by demonstrating how to create a dish that meets the highest standards, and inspiring them to appreciate the value teamwork.

The executive chef’s experience is vital to ensure the coordination required when the time comes for the young chef teams to serve the food.

Often members of the executive chefs’ senior kitchen brigade will participate in mentoring, inspired by the young chefs’ energy and passion.


Teamwork and mentorship leads to collaboration, which in turn leads to increased creativity.

The process of creativity is a key element for young chefs to experience first-hand. The Young Chefs Dinner theme is re-created yearly to inspire and challenge participants in the area of creativity.

Executive chefs are required to collaborate with participating suppliers to create the dinner menu according to the yearly theme and products in focus.

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