with Natural Sliced Cheese


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Natural sliced cheese in chilled sandwiches adds bite texture, smoothness, pleasant chew texture and flavor release. Mouthfeel temperature is also kept cold and fresh by the cheese.


Cheddar, beef & kimchee sandwich

Made as white bread or baguette style with chicken, turkey or pork. Also works with Cheddar and kimchee. 
Regular ingredients adds freshness and texture support.


Emmental, ham & mustard sandwich

Classic combination for chilled and toasted (warm) sandwiches.
Adding gherkins & pickles enhances the overall umami and flavor. Use of spicy mustard is important.


Ham and cheese sandwich

Classic combo using either sliced Cheddar, Edam and Gouda. Emmental and Havarti are classic melting cheeses if warm sandwich is desired.


Gouda, chicken, chili and mango chutney sandwich

Creamy mild yet savory Gouda cheese adds to sweet chili with a contrast from the fruity mango chutney.  Fresh classic sandwich ingredients lends well to this combination.

Adding chicken or turkey, even sliced seared tuna or cold cuts is excellent. The cheese and fruit chutney allows for many variations.


Hommous, Edam and turkey sandwich

Ethnic flavor profiles lends well to natural sliced cheeses. Other purees of pulses or nuts will also work well. Gouda, Havarti, Emmental are alternative cheese options. Hommous can be mixed with cream cheese if needed.


Pepperoni and cheddar sandwich

For white sandwiches or soft style baguettes. Mixing the savory cheddar with the spicy pepperoni while the gherkins give pickled fresh contrast. Beef pepperoni or other spice sausages can also be used. Cheddar adds savory-ness and Edam/Gouda can add creaminess and mildness adding variations.