with Green Peas, Scallops & Mascarpone


  • 100 g Emborg Mascarpone
  • 100 g Emborg Gran Amici 
  • 30 g Pine nuts toasted
  • 10 g Garlic
  • 50 g Egg yolks (3 medium yolks)
  • 300 g Emborg frozen green peas
  • Salt and pepper as needed
  • 2 g Xantan gum (optional)    


  • 500 g Fresh pasta dough (or as needed)
  • Cornmeal as needed
  • 00 flour as needed
  • 1 - 2 pieces Egg - whisked                                                                       


  • 3 pieces per portion Scallops cleaned                                       
  • Green pea shoots as needed
  • 15 g (1 tablespoon per portion) Green peas
  • 1 tea spoon per portion Emborg salted butter
  • Pine nuts as needed
  • Emborg Gran Amici Shredded
  • Olive oil to dress as needed
  • Lemon juice drops



In a blender - add the Gran Amici, garlic, pine nuts, egg yolks & mascarpone and blend smooth. Then add the chilled green peas, the seasoning and the xantan if using. Blend smooth and adjust. Keep this mixture cold.

Roll out the pasta according to instructions - using cornmeal to avoid the pasta sticking to it self - working with a pasta roller decreasing the setting of the pasta roller after every pass. Cover the rolled out pasta sheets with a plastic sheet between them and a damp cloth to cover them all.

Place a pasta sheet on a lightly floured work surface and place tablespoons of filling in the middle of the sheet down the length of the sheet.

Brush egg wash in between the mounds of pea-mascarpone cream to anchor and glue the next layer of pasta sheet. Gently place the next layer of pasta pressing around the mounds to adhere. Careful not to squeeze them and avoid catching any air pockets. 

Cut around the mounds or use a pastry ring to create the individual ravioli - and place on a tray dusted with more cornmeal. 

The ravioli can be frozen here. And be poached from frozen.

When ready - bring a large pot of water with generous pinches of salt to a simmer and poach the prepared ravioli, until they float and the pasta skin turns translucent - indicating they are al dente. 
Remove to a bowl to remove excess water then toss with drops of olive oil - then place in plates. 

Place a heavy set pan over medium heat and let it warm well. Season the scallops, and put a knob of butter in the pan. Let the butter sear a little and place the scallops on the pan to sear. Do not move them around. Let them cook a minute or two then turn them once - avoid over cooking the scallop - keep them juicy and moist.

Just before the scallops are done - add the green peas just to heat them through and then - for the last 5 seconds add the pea shoots - to wilt but remain vibrant. 

Top this over the pea ravioli and finish with a dash of olive oil, some lemon juice and extra pine nuts and shredded Gran Amici as needed.