We Love Cheeseburgers!

We offer a wide selection of cheeses ideal for any burger:

  • Processed cheese in both white and coloured
  • Natural sliced cheese with different taste profiles 
  • Goat cheese and blue cheese topping for the adventurous!

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Processed Sliced Cheese

Sliced cheddar cheese made from processed cow’s milk.

  • Perfect for any burger, sandwich or bakery application where a universal creamy cheese is needed.
  • Emborg processed sliced cheese is available in both coloured and white cheddar.
  • Each pack contains 84 slices of easy to handle “slice on slice” cheddar cheese.

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Traditional cheddar taste and texture for both hot and cold applications. A classic all-day cheese ideal for a wide range of menu items. Find recipe inspiration for: 

  • Baked Salmon and cheasy omelette
  • Mexican dishes with melted cheddar
  • Succulent sandwiches with sliced cheddar

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All Day Breakfast

Find inspiration in our All Day Breakfast folder with recipes using Emborg products:

  • Full cream yogurt in delicious smoothies, cereals and bakery
  • Creamy mascarpone used as topping and bakery ingredient
  • Cooking cream based omelettes with cheesy topping
  • Sliced cheese sandwiches and portion sized servings

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White Cheese

Feta-style white cheese in brine with a creamy texture and taste. Made from cured skimmed cows milk.

  • Delicious as a cheese topping for salads
  • Excellent in baked dishes such as pastries, tarts and omlets

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Natural yogurt made from real European cream. An all purpose product ideal for cooking, baking, dips and dressings.

  • Perfect as is or mixed into both savory and sweet dishes
  • Find inspiration in the folder for healthy breakfast recipes using yogurt

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Italian Cheese

Italian style hard pasta cheese. Traditionally crafted and matured for 12 months.

  • Use shaved as topping or grated as an ingredient in hot and cold dished
  • Ideal for soups, salads, pastas and bread recipes

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Natural Sliced Cheese

Many variants and multiple purposes! Find inspiration for hot and cold sandwich recipes using well-known cheeses. 

Our sliced cheese assortment has several benefits:

  • Hygienic slice-on-slice packing, which makes it easy and convenient to apply in all chosen applications
  • Consistent portion control of 15 to 20 gram slices allowing cost and application control
  • Contamination free packaging control with a shelf life 9 months (after opening min. 3 day HACCP approved storage)

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Mould Cheese

We supply a large range of mould cheeses in both the Emborg and Friendship brands. Signature French Bries and characteristic Danish blues suitable for a variation of dishes:

  • As tasty additions to any cheese boards
  • Served cold in salads and sandwiches
  • Ideal melted in main courses and deserts

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Sour Cream

Classic European Sour Cream. Use it in cooking, dips and dressings.

  • The perfect texture for mixing various dips and dressings
  • Ideal plain as topping for cakes and hot snacks

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Mozzarella and Pizza Topping

Mild and creamy mozzarella suitable for multiple purposes.

  • Ideal for baked and cooked dishes such as pizza, pasta and gratins
  • Get inspiration for the many uses of mozzarella in the recipe folder 

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Traditional mascarpone suitable for all cakes and desserts as well as filled pasta dishes.

  • Ideal in sauces and other dishes where a luxurious creaminess is needed
  • Try our signature Tiramisu recipe 

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Cooking Cream

Ready to use cooking cream suitable for warm as well as cold dishes

  • Great in both savory and sweet kitchens
  • See delicious recipes for soup and pasta

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Cheese & Wine

Learn how to pair wine with the perfect cheese.

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Cream Cheese

European style Cream Cheese with a creamy and smooth texture ideal for spreading and use in both hot and cold dishes.

  • Easy to handle product making it ideal for many uses
  • Emborg Cream Cheese is available in many packaging sizes
  • See delicious recipes for Sweet Torfu and Cheese Cake  

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US Cream Cheese

US Cream Cheese is a fresh, and natural cheese with firm and smooth texture which makes it perfect for cheesecakes. 

  • Easy blend into recipes 
  • Emborg Cream Cheese has the original recipe and taste 
  • Pure and creaminess that adds flavour to your favourite recipe 

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Whip Topping

Original sweetened Non-Dairy Cream. White and smooth with excellent stability after whipping.

  • Learn how to use Emborg Whip Topping for icing and baking.
  • Get tips and tricks about Emborg Whip Topping.
  • Delicious recipes for Self stable tiramisu cream and Pinable, passion fruit and mango crumble

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Emborg Butter 

Traditional butter with a uniform smooth texture and clean butter taste. 

  • 100% cream product with smooth texture 
  • Both in salted and unsalted variants
  • View our recipes for inspiration


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Emborg Cook & Bake 

A perfect mixture of real butter and a nice blend of vegetable oils. 

  • Great for all-around use
  • Ideal for cooking and baking
  • View our recipes for inspiration


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Whipping Cream

  • Learn how to whip the perfect whipping cream.
  • Get tips and tricks about whipping cream.
  • Delicious recipes for Chocolate, caramel and passion fruit mousse cake and Peach and white Chocolate Pana Cotta.
  • See the Emborg Cream range 

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Desserts w. Whip Topping and Cream Cheese

Find recipe inspiration with Emborg Whip Topping and cream cheese. Many variations with the same base ingredients.

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Ideal for whipping and cooking
See Cream product range